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Yellow Card Golden Ale – 5.8% abv

Yellow Card is a light and refreshing beer. This golden ale is filtered, giving way to a clear, rich golden hue. This beer is nicely balanced and smooth. It is slightly sweet with subtle hints of caramel. Saaz hops lend a very delicate hop fragrance, and Tettnanger hops leave a subtle bitterness. This is a great session beer year round!

Nutty Runner Nut Brown Ale – 5.6% 

If you’re looking for something in the not-so-heavy department, but you still want some flavor, then look no further! A personal favorite of the Columbus House brewers, this traditional nut brown ale is slightly roasty, but not over powering. The chocolate malt flavor gives way to a smooth finish and a lingering nutty flavor and aroma (for those with nut allergies, don’t worry! We don’t actually use any nuts or nut products).

Regnat Populus Pale Ale – 5.5% abv 

“The People’s Pale Ale” The beer is named after the City of Fayetteville motto and means The People Rule. And the people rule this pale ale! Every few cycles you’ll get a chance to vote on the hops! This first batch was brewed with two great American hops: Chinook and Cascade. Bitterness is moderate but noticeable, and this beer has a clean, dry finish.

Weekend Warrior IPA – 6.3% abv 

Even seasoned hop heads will be taken by surprise when they drink this IPA! The malt and yeast characteristics are subtle, allowing the hops do their thing! We add hops continuously from before the boil starts until right when it ends to give every hop taste possible! First wort Warrior hop additions give each sip a lingering hoppy bite, while mid and late boil Columbus additions provide a bright, resinous flavor and aroma.

Spottie Ottie Oatmeal Stout – 7.2% abv 

If you like a your stouts to be bold, dark, and complex, then you’ll love this one! Spottie Ottie has tons of body and mouthfeel. Each sip starts with surprising sweetness, which quickly gives way to coffee and chocolate malt flavors. The flavors blend perfectly to make a beer that’s surprisingly drinkable at 7.2% abv. No rough edges here! Just smooth suds.

Rotating Taps


B.L.I.P.A on the Radar – Black IPA – 5.9% abv 

If you’re feeling adventurous, make sure to put this beer on your radar! A 90 minute boil gives this beer a rich, full body. Debittered black malt makes the beer black while minimizing the presence of any harsh or bitter malt flavors. Aggressively dry-hopped with Citra hops, the nose is strongly fruity and delightful. There is a familiar mix of hop flavor without too much hop bitterness. Take your time and really appreciate this one!

Hubble’s Dubbel – Belgian Dubbel – 7.8%

Hubble’s Dubbel is named after one of our favorite pups. The dubbel is a rich, strong, dark-colored ale that was historically made by Belgian monks. Expect a spicy, dark fruit aroma, and a complex flavor profile: raisin, sugary sweetness, mild hoppy flavor, and a warm, slightly alcoholic finish. Big enough to be enjoyed like a fine wine, but surprisingly drinkable!

Toi Moi et la Tripel – Belgian Tripel – 10.3% abv

(twa mwa eh la tripel): This beer is an authentic Belgian-Style Tripel brewed with Belgian candi sugar, Belgian strong ale yeast, and a healthy helping of Pilsner malt. It is named in honor of a beach-side café that Jason used to frequent while living and working (and consuming many Belgian strong ales) in Oostende, Belgium.

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