Are Dogs allowed?

Yes! We are dog friendly and typically have one behind the bar with us. Bring a leash just in case there are other dogs. Otherwise, they are free to roam and chill out along with our customers.

Can I bring other breweries’ growlers?

You bet! We won’t cover your beautiful growler with a tacky sticker (or otherwise deface your growler) either. We use a non-sticky seal for the cap and removable tags to identify the beer. We do appreciate it when people bring clean growlers though, and reserve the right to refuse a fill if your growler is lined with unidentified living organisms. Don’t have your own growler? Well luckily for you, we sell ones with our logo on them!

Do you give tours?

We do! Our brewery is small and we’re a 4-person operation, so we don’t always have somebody on staff to give one. Give us a shout on our “Contact Us” page before you come, and we’ll do our best to make sure somebody is there to give you a tour. Also, our tours are free!

Do you sell kegs to bars and restaurants?

Yes!! (Enjoy this “yes”, because you’re about to read the word “no” in a lot of the upcoming questions). We’re a very small brewery, so our current happy place in production gives us enough beer to send to about 10 other bars/restaurants (give or take a bit). Which ones you might ask? Check out our “Find Our Beer” page to see where we have beer on tap! Don’t see that page yet? That means we haven’t made it yet, but we’ll get it up soon!!

Do you have Gluten Free Beer?

Unfortunately, we do not. We’ll be sure to put it on blast if we ever do though!

Can we reserve a room/table?

Unfortunately, our space is not large enough to reserve space. It is currently first-come, first-serve. We are more than happy to allow you to take over a table or two with your friends and family, but we won’t be asking others to move or stopping them from pirating your space as you vacate. Sorry.

Can I buy a keg for personal use?

We have to give you a hard no on that one :(. It’s nothing personal, and we’re totally flattered that you want to commit to drinking 50 of our beers, but we just don’t have enough kegs to sacrifice for that cause! Special events such as weddings or graduation parties are dealt with on a case by case basis.

Could I stop by when you’re closed?

We prefer that you don’t. We’re under-staffed and under-paid (poor us… right?) and usually are busy doing 5 things at once when we’re working in the brewery. We’ll be happy to talk and show you around when we aren’t working in the brew room, but we don’t spend our free time at the brewery, therefore your only option is to come in during business hours 🙂

Can we drink other beers here? 

No you cannot. As much as we would love for your non-beer-drinking friends to drink their beverage of choice while they hang out with you here, we’d rather not sacrifice our good standing with the people who decide whether or not we should pay them fines for breaking the rules!

Do you have food?

Nope! There are a few reasons for this: 1) no more dogs if we make and serve food, and that would be the worst, 2) running a brewery is hard enough, and adding a kitchen to that might actually work us to death!  Feel free to bring in something of your own making, something from the food trucks out back, or call in for delivery, but please don’t expect us to clean up after your meals (unless you want to leave us a huge tip)!

When is Natural State Sandwiches/Chunky Dunk open?

Your best bet is to check them out on Facebook or to Google it! We operate independently of those food trucks, and are not necessarily in the know about their scheduling/schedule conflicts/availability/etc. They both do a great job of keeping their fans up to date on social media.

Do you can or bottle your beers?

Nope! We hope to some day though! Unfortunately, canning and bottling are both capital, labor, and time intensive, and even if we had investors or deep pockets, we’d need to at least double or triple our capacity before we even could think about it. Sorry.

Are you hiring?

Not at the moment. You probably wouldn’t want to work long hours for practically free anyways. Check back when our brewery has grown a bit more!

How big is your brewery?

We have a 3 barrel system.

Do you sell the art hanging on your walls?

We do! (we wanted to cap this series of questions off with a “yes”). We try to rotate the art on the walls every few months with a new local artists’ art. Everybody knows that artists are starving, so we actually get pretty excited when you buy their art! And no, we don’t take a commission.

Didn’t see your question answered here? Or couldn’t find something on our other pages? There are a plethora of ways to contact us. The Contact Us page, our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all work great! You can try calling the brewery, but there’s no guarantee that we’ll answer outside of the hours that our taproom is open.

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